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    I was browsing through the news this afternoon and came across an interesting article on It takes a poll done by ABC/Washington Post and breaks down the percentage of Americans who agree with and oppose a path of citizenship for illegal immigrants, the legalization of marijuana and the legalization of gay marriage. The results are rather surprising.
    A whopping 57% of Americans believe in creating a pathway towards citizenship for illegal immigrants. It's almsot unbelievable. Over half of the United States is okay with the fact that there are thousands of illegal immigrants swarming into our country competing with American workers, plaguing our already damaged healthcare system, and having children like rabbits so they're allowed citizenship costing the American tax-payers thousands to raise these orphans. The thought alone of one person encouraging this solidifies my thoughts we're quickly doomed as a society. So instead of becoming more strict and enforcing the laws that have been in place for decades, we're going to give them a fast pass to American Citizenship? No, This isn't Disney, it doesn't work like that. They are criminals and deserve to be deported like them, not allowed to trickle into our society.
    I personally believe marijuana should be legal also. Is it a drug and does/will it hurt people? I'm sure. But alcohol has killed more young people then any other drug on the market combined, so that's an invalid argument. I just don't see how anyone can argue that it be illegal strictly from a health aspect when both tobacco and alcohol are legal. Also, is it really the governments job to tell the people which drugs they're allowed to use? No, Government has been overstepping it's boundaries for decades and it's on a steady hill up. Expect it to only get worse.
    I have very strong feelings against gay marriage from a traditional standpoint, and arguments always get much too heated for a night like this. I'm way to chill to get hot headed now.

Here's a link to the article. Read it. Check the source. Then come back. 

Comment, disagree with me, call me an asshole, i'm shaking from the anticipation. 

Do it.


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