The Begining of a Blog

The Begining of a Blog

I have had a rather interesting day so far. A little after midnight, I railed an addy and took a couple waterfalls. Somehow, the combination of both psychoactives and amphetamines caused me and my roommate to, of all things, to design and create a blog.

 The idea was simple, to create a one-stop news source for the college community based around the University of North Florida. We planned a twitter feed churning out links with short summaries, and full length opinion pieces every day.

 That was 7 hours ago. Now, after both me and my roommate worked nonstop all night long, I actually believe we created something workable here. Don't get me wrong, this blog is a piece of shit right now, but it has potential. I think. I mean, if a little bit of drugs and one night of work could produce this much, what do you suppose I could do with a month? And a whole LOT of drugs?

 And I think that's the key here. A little bit of elbow grease. If we can keep a steady pace of content flowing, we just might develop a following. A following could lead to ad revenue, and ad revenue could lead to a website.

 And so that's going to be the goal of this endeavor. If i can successfully turn this idea into a functioning website, then this has been a success. And hopefully, I can make some coin while I'm at it. Who knows? I might even end up as the next Mark Zuckerburg.

Or not. Probably not.